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2N4401 Transistor Introduction

2N4401 is a common transistor, which has some very good functions in its small package. The maximum collector current is 500 mA, which is enough to drive many loads in the circuit.

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BC548 Transistor Introduction

BC548 is another widely used general-purpose transistor, which also has many excellent characteristics. It can be used in its electronic circuits, and it can handle a maximum current of 500 mA. Enough to drive many other components, such as ICs, other transistors, parts of circuits, relays, LEDs, etc.

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Water Level Alarm by Using D882 Transistor

The water level indicator uses a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in the elevated water tank or any other water container. This paper will introduce the electronic project water level alarm by using D882 transistors.

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What is Thyristor and How it Works?

Thyristor, commonly known as SCR, its standard term is reverse blocking three terminal thyristor. Thyristors are high-power semiconductor devices with switching and rectifying functions, and are used in various circuits, such as controllable rectifying and converting, inverter and contactless switch. As long as it provides D and weak trigger signals, it can control the strong current output. Therefore, it is a bridge for semiconductor devices to enter the strong field from the weak field.

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