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Ats19580 Sensor Introduction

Ats19580 is a kind of transmission speed and direction sensor for gear tooth sensing, with back offset GMR transmission speed and direction sensor. Its design reduces the size, complexity and cost of the system to improve fuel economy and achieve the highest level of system performance.

What is Ats19580 Sensor

Allegro microsystems has introduced a fully integrated, back biased GMR transmission speed and direction sensor called ats19580. Its design reduces the size, complexity and cost of the system to improve fuel economy and achieve the highest level of system performance. By combining GMR technology with Allegro’s leading transmission algorithms and packaging, ats19580 provides the highest performance transmission sensor to date. The sensor is designed with the largest dynamic range of working air gap (50%), industry-leading vibration resistance, EMC protection and robustness to common mode stray field.

Ats19580 is a giant magnetoresistance (GMR) integrated circuit (IC), which provides a user-friendly two-wire solution for the application of ferromagnetic gear tooth mark requiring speed and direction information. The fully integrated package includes GMR integrated circuit, a protective capacitor for EMC robustness and a back biased magnet in series package.

The integrated circuit based on GMR is designed for ferromagnetic gear tooth target and orientation compatible with hallefect technology. The fully integrated solution can sense large working air gap and air gap range. The latest GMR technology on monolithic integrated circuit, which adopts the industry-leading signal processing technology, can provide accurate speed and direction information in response to low-level differential magnetic signal. Differential sensing provides inherent suppression of interference with common mode magnetic fields.

Integrated diagnostics are used to detect IC faults that affect the accuracy of the output protocol and provide coverage compatible with ASIL B (evaluation pending). The built-in EEPROM temporary storage provides traceability of the device throughout the IC product life cycle. ASIL reporting can be enabled or disabled as a product, depending on the needs of the application. Ats19580 is sealed with lead-free (PB) 3-pin SIP and tinned lead frame. The SN package includes GMR integrated circuits, magnets and capacitors integrated into a overmold, as well as an additional molded lead stabilizer for rugged transport and easy assembly.

Ats19580 datasheet

Ats19580 Pinout &Configuration

BC547 has three terminals, as shown in the table.

Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1VCCSupply Voltage
2VCCSupply Voltage
3GNDD Ground
Ats19580 Pinout &Configuration

Ats19580 Features

  • Maximum dynamic range of working air gap (greater than 50%)
  • Rotating vibration is distinguished by full pitch immunity (pitch = 1 tooth / gear COG)
  • Track defective or damaged gears or poles
  • Operating temperature: 40 ° C to 150 ° C
  • 3-pin SIP package
  • Differential measurement to reject urinal stray magnetic field
  • Advanced algorithms prevent flattening by automatically adapting to mechanical and environmental changes

Ats19580 Target Design

The ats19580 is designed for a variety of target shapes and sizes in addition to the reference 60-0 targets in this data sheet. In order to determine the working air gap range of each target, as well as the applicability of the correct direction and vibration detection, it is necessary to analyze the magnetic profile of each target. Switching point separation has been used to measure the quality of Hall integrated circuit, but the best target evaluation index is still in the process of being determined considering the properties of GMR system. Contact Allegro for ats19580 target assistance.

How does a Ats19580 transistor work?

Ats19580 complements Allegro’s recently released ats19420 and ats19520 fully integrated Hall effect transmission speed sensors, as well as Allegro’s front biased Hall effect and GMR product family for magnetic target sensing.

Ats19580 Sensing Technology

The sensor integrated circuit includes an on-chip GMR element for detecting the magnetic signal generated by adjacent targets. These sensors provide electrical signals that contain information about the edge position and the direction of rotation of the target. ATS19580 is used for ferromagnetic target. When the sensor chip is powered on, it can provide digital information representing the characteristics of the rotating target. The waveform in Figure 3 shows that the target contour is automatically converted into the digital output signal of the sensor IC through its induced magnetic field contour.

Ats19580 Data Protocol Description

When the target passes through the front of the device (opposite to the brand face of the packaging box), the ats19580 “s” is transformed into each pair of cogs of the target to generate an output pulse. The speed information is provided by the output pulse rate, while the target rotation direction is provided by the duration of the output pulse. The sensor chip can detect the target moving in the forward and reverse directions.

ATS19580 function
ATS19580 function


Figure 4 shows the forward and reverse rotation of the sensor IC “F” type, where the forward direction is defined as the target motion from pins 1 to 3. The sensor IC can also be factory programmed to the opposite definition (“R” variable), where forward is defined as the target motion from pin 3 to pin 1.

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