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Huawei Freebuds 3 Appears on IFA 2019

Huawei’s freebuses 3 is unveiled in IFA 2019, and the new earplugs are available in two colors: ceramic white and carbon black.

Huawei launched the next generation of wireless earplugs at the IFA 2019 conference in Berlin. The new earplugs are available in ceramic white and carbon black.

The company has yet to disclose the price and availability of the latest wireless earplugs. Huawei claims that the latest earplug is the world’s first open noise reduction headset. The device can eliminate background noise and enhance voice output during a call. In terms of design, it looks a little bit like Apple AirPods.

Huawei freebus 3 adopts Kirin A1 chipset. It is said that the earplug is the first headset equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth 5.1. It has synchronous dual channel transmission technology, which can provide stable wireless connection. It has bone conduction technology and bone voice sensor, which can pick up audio signal more effectively.

For audio, it is equipped with a 14mm dynamic driver and a dedicated electronic tube to provide additional bass output. In the case of batteries, a single charge can keep the headset playing music for up to 4 hours. The disc charging box can extend the battery life by 20 hours.

Meanwhile, Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer business, reportedly revealed the release date of the upcoming mate x foldable smartphone. Huawei mate x is likely to go on sale next month, he said. CNET quoted Yu as saying: “maybe next month we can start selling it globally. These mobile phones are not only very expensive to manufacture, but also face some challenges in mass production and mass production. “


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  1. […] Huawei will launch freebus 3 in India later this month. Recall that last year Huawei announced Huawei’s wireless earplugs at IFA’s 2019 annual conference in Berlin. […]

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