SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET Overview

ROHM made the announcement of the availability of a new trench gate structure, SiC MOSFETs. This is a six-SCT3xxx xR series, which has a 4-pin package to maximize the performance of switching, reduce power consumption, reduce switching loss. Compared to the 3-pin package, this 4-pin package enhances efficiency greatly. The 3-pin package does not separate the driver and power sources as the 4-pin package does. This helps reducing parasitic inductance components, which eventually helps in maximizing the switching speed of SiC MOSFETs.

What is SiC MOSFETs ideal for?

Well, SiC MOSFETs are ideal for solar inverters, server power supplies, and charging stations for electrical vehicles.

The reason why SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is ideal for these high-demanding electrical installations is that they require high efficiency, which is offered by the 4-pin package that maximizes the switching speeds.

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Features of the SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET

  • Reduces switching loss by about 35%

One of the most amazing features of SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is that it reduces switching loss by about 35%. Thanks to the 4-pin package that reduces the effect of the inductance component, the driver source and the terminal source are separated to reduce switching loss. Users simply need to add the turn-off and turn-on loss to reduce switching loss by about 35% compared to conventional products.

  • Fast switching speed and reverse recovery

Another outstanding feature of SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is the speed at which it operates. Whether you are switching on or reserving, the speeds are extremely fast.

  • High speed and low on-resistance

The SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET works excellently with silicon devices. The electrical characteristics of ROHM’s SiC MOSFET allow it to work well even at high temperatures. This means that there are high speeds recorded and low on-resistance because the peripheral components are downsized.

  • Flexible operating temperatures

SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET can operate with temperature ranging between -55 degrees Celsius to 175 degrees Celsius.  This wide range of temperatures allows it to operate high-demanding devices while maintaining high efficiency.

  • Evaluation board

The evaluation board of SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET is effective as it can evaluate other ROHM SiC MOSFETs. The features of the evaluation board are excellent and allow for adjustments depending on the electrical requirements. It also has in-built protection and an overcurrent protection function.

These are the main features of the SCT3xxxxR SiC MOSFET. Of course, it is a revolutionary tech improvement that enhances efficiency while reducing power consumption.

How to Test 78L05 Voltage Regulator

A voltage regulator is a component that maintains a fixed amount of output voltage regardless of the input voltage. You can find voltage regulators in the power supplies of computers and other electronic devices. Whenever DC voltage stabilization is required, a voltage regulator is likely going to be used to perform that action.

The 78L05 voltage regulator is one specific type of voltage regulator. The “78” number identifies it as a positive voltage regulator, while the “05” signifies the output voltage is 5 volts. It is a three-terminal voltage regulator, which includes the input terminal, ground terminal, and output terminal.


A voltage regulator test will determine the amount of voltage going into the voltage regulator and the amount of voltage going out of the regulator (input and output). You will need a multimeter to conduct a measurement of the input voltage and output voltage. It is an electronic measuring instrument designed to measure resistance, voltage, and current.

When you’re ready to perform the test, you can start by testing the input voltage. Switch the setting on the multimeter to “DC voltage.” It should have a “V” symbol or something similar. You’ll see the multimeter has a positive probe and a negative probe. Attach the positive probe to the input pin on the bottom of the voltage regulator. Then attach its negative probe to the ground pin.

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The multimeter has a digital screen that will indicate the amount of voltage. The input voltage should be higher than the output voltage by about 1 to 2 volts. You can find out by performing a similar measurement of the output voltage. All you need to do is take the positive probe off the input pin and place it on the output pin. You can leave the negative probe on the ground pin.

The amount of output voltage indicated should be 5 volts because of the “05” associated with 78L05. If you see a different number other than 5, then your voltage regulator is defective.

Top 5 Face Recognition Applications

One of the latest and most exciting trends is the use of face recognition applications. These apps are a great invention for smartphone users who want to protect their phones. There are many top applications offering face recognition features. However, not all are as effective as users may need them to be.

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This is why we have compiled a list of the top five face recognition apps that you can rely on.

  1. Luxand

Luxand Face Recognition runs on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Some of the top features of Luxand include:

  • It is a facial recognition app with a great memory to recognize faces in the future
  • It can recognize and detect 70 unique facial features
  • It has the ability to recognize faces in footages for profile authentication
  • It addresses privacy concerns with its Face SDK feature
  1. AppLock

AppLock is also a top face recognition app running on the Android operating system. It has the following features:

  • It combines both face recognition technology and speaker to provide a secure experience for users
  • It has the option of creating a backup to be used in case the conditions do not allow for face or voice recognition
  • It works offline, thus, you do not need to have an active internet connection.
  1. Face DNA Test

Running on the Android operating system the Face DNA Test is an amazing and advanced face recognition application with the following features:

  • Calculates unique facial features
  • Compares facial features of family members
  • It has 68 different points that it uses to compare one’s faces to another
  • It can obtain accurate results for babies’ photos
  1. Railer

Railer is a professional face recognition application that can be used to manage attendance in offices and institutions. The beauty of it is that it helps in marking attendance effectively without the risk of others marking for their friends. The features of this app are:

  • It is very fast and reliable
  • Allows self-check-in and out
  • Provides analytics that can be used by the management to monitor attendance
  1. BioID (iOS, Android)

This face application uses biometrics to identify individuals when logging into websites and apps with face identification. Some of its top features are:

  • It is live, thus, users cannot use photos and videos to log in
  • It analyzes movements to ensure that the user is present
  • It uses a special tool to recognize the eye.

Depending on what you want, any of the five face recognition applications can be of great help.

Tips to Extend the Life of Cellphone Batteries

One of the most annoying things is to have a phone with a low battery. The lifespan of a battery can be boosted if you use basic tips that help to extend the life of a cellphone battery.

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Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Cellphone’s Battery

  1. Avoid fast charging

This might come as a surprise, but it is true that a fast charge drains your battery’s lifespan. This is because a battery is stressed when it is charged quickly. The slower you charge the battery, the better because there is no stress applied to the battery. So, not unless you really need it, you should avoid fast charging.

  1. Avoid draining your battery to 0%

Another thing that you should do is to avoid leaving your phone battery to drain all the way to 0%. Phone batteries work at best when kept between 20% capacity and 90%. The most optimum capacity is 50%.

You should also avoid charging your battery up to 100% regularly.

  1. Turn down screen brightness

The screen display is one of the biggest consumers of energy drawn from cellphone batteries. If you reduce the screen’s brightness, you will save a lot of energy, which in turn helps in extending the lifespan of your battery.

On the same note, you can also reduce the screen timeout to ensure that the screen is locked as soon as you are not using the phone.

  1. Check the apps using your battery

Every smartphone should have a setting feature that allows you to check the apps that are consuming a lot of energy. You should remove such applications if they are not essential for your cellphone use.

Another thing to do is to check the apps that are running in the background and stop them if they are not important. Apps running in the background consume a lot of energy, which drains the lifespan of a battery.

  1. Turn of vibration, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

You should turn off the vibration mode of your phone as it consumes a lot of energy. You really don’t need it if you can hear the beep sounds. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also heavy consumers of energy, which should always be turned off when not in use. Only put them on when using them.

These tips are basic but very helpful in extending the life of cellphone batteries. Always remember that the life of your battery depends on how you use your phone, thus, the need of following these helpful tips.

The Difference Between Single-Chip Microcomputer Vs Micro-controller Vs Microprocessor

Are you struggling with the decision of deciding to buy a single-chip microcomputer, or micro-controller, or microprocessor? Well, you’ve come to the right place for we will share the main differences that will guide your purchase.

In comparing the three technologies, we will look at them individually, thereafter, mention the main differences.

Single-Chip Microcomputer

The best way to define a microcomputer is by its size, price, and capability. In terms of size, it is relatively smaller than a microprocessor and micro-controller. It is relatively inexpensive. It is a limited capability computer.

A single-chip microcomputer has the same architectural structure found in computers. The size of the microcomputer has continuously been reduced, and nowadays you will find their size being similar to the size of a notebook.

They can be accessed easily because of their relatively cheaper price. However, they are not very powerful and have limited internal operations and instructions. One of the best examples of a microcomputer is the Commodore 64, which was the bestselling model.


Defined by size and cost, a micro-controller is small and of low cost. It has a special design for performing specific tasks such as receiving remote signals and displaying microwave information.

An ideal micro-controller should have the processor, memory (RAM, ROM, and EPROM), peripherals (timers and counters), serial ports, etc.

There are various types of micro-controllers such as Bit, Memory, and Instruction Set. These types have their subcategories, which define how they are used further.

Micro-controllers have various functions such as light sensing, temperature sensing, fire detection, and measuring devices.


The main function of a microprocessor is to process micro-instructions. The instructions are coded in the form of 0s and 1s.

Usually, the microprocessor is available as a single integrated circuit. The main components of a microprocessor are the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and the Control Unit (CU). An example of a microprocessor is Intel 8085.

A microprocessor is more effective than both the microcomputer and micro-controller because of its wide range of uses and its flexibility in configuration. It is also more expansive than the two because of their performance and complexity.

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So, if you are unsure about the differences, just remember the following:

– Microprocessors are more expensive than microcomputers and micro-controllers

– Microprocessors are faster than microcomputers and micro-controllers

– Microcomputers are for use by single users at a time

– Micro-controllers and microcomputers are less complex than microprocessors.

Now you have an idea and can make an informed purchasing decision.

Which Mobile Phone Brand is more Popular in the World

Are you just about to buy a smartphone? Do you know the most popular phone in the world? Well, you may need to know more details about the most popular brand before you make the final decision.

In determining the popularity of a mobile phone brand, the single-most consideration is the market share. Some of the leading brands include Samsung, Apple, Google Pixel, Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi.

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Which Brand has the Largest Market Share?

Of all the top brands, Samsung is the most popular mobile phone brand in the world. Samsung’s popularity spreads through different continents.

Samsung as the popular mobile phone brand in the world

Samsung is a South Korean mobile company that manufactures a wide range of mobile phone models. As the most popular brand in the world, it controls a market share of about 21%. Samsung’s success with Android has been outstanding and also responsible for making it the most popular brand in the world.

There are many factors that influence Samsung’s dominance. We will discuss all these factors.

Top reasons why Samsung is the most popular brand in the world

  • World-leading display technology

Did you know that Samsung is the world leader in screen technology? Samsung has perfected the art of screen technology that it even supplies display screens to its biggest market competitors like Apple.

The screen display of Samsung offers an unrivaled experience to users, making it so popular among smartphone users.

  • The Android factor

Another thing that makes Samsung very popular is the Android factor. The launch of Android marked the beginning of Samsung’s dominance. The Android operating system was popular and affordable to many users and Samsung swiftly embraced it while its competitors were still unsure of it. Since then, Samsung has got an edge in the Android market and has developed its base tremendously.

  • Fast and flexible

Samsung mobile phones take an extremely flexible approach to their creative designs that have enabled the mobile giant to cut across different markets. Samsung mobile phones are of different sizes, designs, and functionality.

  • Priced well

Samsung phones are well-priced. Many mobile users can afford Samsung phones. The price range of Samsung phones varies depending on models. These varied price brackets enable Samsung to capture the high-end mobile phone users as well as the average users. You are likely to get a good Samsung phone regardless of the budget that you have.

How to Make Earphone and How does Earphone Works

There is nothing as exciting as making your earphones and using them. It might look complex, but the science of how earphones work is very easy to understand. Once you understand it, you can easily make your earphones.

How Do Earphones Work?

Before we look at the ways in which you can make your earphones, let us first discuss how they work.

Here are some basic principalities of how an earphone works:

It’s all about completing the circuit

At its basic level, an earphone is all about completing the circuit. In as much as an earphone may look so complex, it is just a loop of wire with currents passing through it. Electric currents interact with a magnet that pushes the air, which produces the sound. So, to produce electric currents, you must complete a circuit.

Parts of earphones

To understand how earphones work, you will need to know the different parts of earphones and their work in helping to produce sound.


Speakers of earphones are just like other speakers, just that they are smaller and put very close to your ears. They are usually too small that they fill the ear’s outer void.


Transducers are the devices responsible for converting energy from one form into another. In an earphone, there are two transducers that convert your device’s energy into sound energy. Just like any other circuit, an earphone has a conductor that draws energy from the source and provides it to the load, which is the transducer.

The Jack

The jack is what connected the conductor to the source. The tip of the jack has the sleeves that power the right and left earphones.

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How to Make Earphones

It is possible for you to make earphones on your own. With the knowledge of how earphones work, you should follow the steps below:

Steps 1:

The first step is to find an earphone cable, a cup, a wire, and a magnet. These are the basic things that you will need for a DIY earphone.

Step 2:

Use the wire to wrap around the plastic cup. You will need to tape it down to ensure it is stationary.

Step 3:

The third step is to connect the loop to the earphone cable. It is important that you use a pair of wires that go to the same side, lest your earphones will not work.

Step 4:

Finally, add a magnet to the cup (at the bottom) and plug your new speaker into your phone.

As simple as that, you can create your earphones at home.

How to Choose Better Headphones to Reduce Damage of People Hearing

Did you know that about 20% of the population is struggling with hearing problems? Well, a majority of these problems are caused by excessive use of headphones. While using headphones isn’t a bad thing, using the wrong headphones could lead to severe hearing problems.

For this reason, we will discuss tips for choosing better earphones that will help to reduce the damage of people hearing.

Top 4 tips of choosing better headphones to avoid hearing damages

The following are the main considerations for effective headphones that reduce the probability of hearing damage.

  1. Brand

One of the things that you should consider when buying your headphones is the brand. Well, if you are looking for great headphones that will reduce hearing damage, you must make a good investment. And by this, you should invest in a trusted brand.

Most of the trusted brands have better standards for their headphones. A majority of top brands use scientific research in the process of manufacturing their headphones. This helps in reducing probable hearing problems as they are tested before released.

  1. Clarity of the headphones

If you have a low budget and cannot afford the top brands, you should consider the clarity of the headphones as a major factor that will help you to get better headphones that reduce hearing damage.

As a tip, you should test the headphones for their clarity before buying them. A clear headphone is less likely to cause any hearing problem in the future.

  1. Style and comfort

The style and comfort of the headphones always determine whether the headphones will cause hearing damage or not. This is because if it has a faulty style, your ears will be uncomfortable, and mostly struggling to adapt to the headphone’s structure. This constant struggle by the ears will ultimately result in hearing problems.

Therefore, choose headphones that are adaptive to your ears, and not the other way round.

  1. Buyer reviews

Finally, you need to consider what other buyers are saying about the headphones you intend to buy. As a keen buyer, you should read the reviews of the headphones, and put much focus on their ability to protect your ears. If you notice that many buyers are complaining about certain headphones, you should avoid them as they are likely to damage your ears.

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Ultimately, you have the responsibility of protecting your ears, thus, you should use the above-mentioned tips when choosing better headphones to reduce the damage of people hearing.