Price terms

price terms of 3Celectrons mall
  1. 3CElectrons Mall currently only accepts payment in USD and RMB. Customers who use another currency can make the payment after converting it to USD or RMB in PayPal. The exchange rate is often affected by many factors. And the final amount depends on the current exchange rates of PayPal and the customer’s national bank.
  2. The price of our website is set in USD. The other currencies are set according to the current PayPal exchange rate. Therefore, at different times, although the USD price of the product remains the same, the prices shown in other currencies may have changed.
  3. Because the prices of electronic accessories change fast, manufacturers can sometimes adjust their supply prices. In addition, we has promotions from time to time (for example, Christmas, New Year, Anniversary, etc.), the sale prices may also change. In case we lower the prices, to customers whose orders have not yet been sent on the date that the promotion starts, we can return the price difference; Otherwise, to customers whose orders have already been sent before starting the promotion, we will not refund the difference in price.