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How to Connect Adjustable Resistor

How to connect the common adjustable resistor is the detail we should pay attention to in the working process. To know the connection method, we must understand the principle of the adjustable resistor, so as to be more accurate in the connection process. In the connection process of adjustable resistor, the main factors affecting the negative value of adjustable resistor should be thoroughly analyzed, because it is necessary to have a clear understanding and grasp of the value of the circuit when connecting, so as not to cause unnecessary faults in the use process of adjustable resistor. Today, we can simply describe the connection method of adjustable resistor. The specific contents are as follows:

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What is the Function of Adjustable Resistor?

Basic Principle of Adjustable Resistor

Adjustable resistor is also called rheostat. Adjustable resistor is a kind of resistor. The resistor value of adjustable resistor can be adjusted artificially to meet the needs of the circuit.

Common adjustable resistor mainly changes resistor value by changing the length of resistor access circuit. For temperature-sensitive resistor, it can also change resistance value by changing temperature, which is called thermistor. And for light-sensitive resistor, it can change resistor value by changing light intensity, which is called photosensitivity. Resistor; In addition, there are varistors, gas resistors and so on.

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