Transportion Insurance

Transportation Insurance

Transportation Insurance: You will quickly obtain a refund of 100% of the total of your order and 20% discount coupon as our compensation.

What is transportation insurance?

In order to protect the rights and interests of our customers, we provide transportation insurance as a special service offered by . In case there is any loss of the packages caused by transport companies, airplanes, customs, or personal …, customers who have purchased the Transport Insurance can quickly obtain a refund of 100% of the total of their order plus an additional compensation.

100% refund: If you have buy the insurance of express,you will get a refund of 100% of the total of your order. Additional Compensation: Apart from the 100% refund, you will also get an additional compensation of 20% discount coupon (those who do not buy the insurance will not get this additional compensation) .

Why Buy Transportation Insurance?

3Celectrons cooperates with large transportation companies, normally the probability of merchandise losses is very small. But for reasons of flights or customs inspections in all aspects, cases of loss of goods can happen, especially during holidays such as Christmas.
Therefore, We recommends strongly that you buy the Transportation Insurance to insure your merchandise and money.

How to Confirm Package Loss?

After our shipment, if the customer has not received for a long time (eg: on the logistics website can not find the order status information, has been on the road for a long time without moving, or has arrived in the country of destination without delivery signal, etc.), can determine that the package has been lost.

What Happens If I Do Not Buy Transportation Insurance?

It is understood that any loss of package is not the fault of the customer or 3Celectrons. Therefore, if the customer does not buy the transport insurance and misfortune his package is lost, We will give you an 20% discount copon as compensation.

Can I Choose Forwarding My Order instead of a Refund? How to Calculate Costs?

Yes, We can resend you the same order instead of 100% refund if you purchased the Transportation Insurance.

Is Damage or Change of Product Received Included in Transportation Insurance?

The Transportation Insurance only covers the cases of losses during the transportation process. Therefore, cases of product damage, change of content, or open box at the time of receiving the package are not included in the scope of Transportation Insurance. Although such cases are very rare, we also recommend our customers: When your package arrives, do not forget to check the packaging very carefully. If damage or opening of the outer box is detected, do not sign it and ask for a proof of the damaged package to the local mail. Once the client has signed and received the package without checking the state, or presents a test document issued by the local mail, we will not assume responsibility for what happened.

Why are transport insurance costs different in different order prices? How is it calculated?

Our transport insurance cost is related to the price of the order, normally which is 1% ~ 2% of the total price of the order.

Note: Our Transportation Insurance only works for orders have a value greater than 100USD.